Welcome to WingChun Maidstone

I am Sihing Lee Wilson, 3rd Technician Level and Instructor at WingChun Maidstone. I have been training WingChun for over 13 years and have many years experience in Martial Arts. You can find out more about me and our team by going to the Instructors Page
We train in Maidstone on a Friday evening, providing an environment where you can learn to defend yourself, build self esteem and grow in strength and confidence. For more information go to the Classes Page

All WingChun is not the same!

We are part of the International Academy Of WingChun. Our leader, Dai Sifu Klaus Brand identified practical deficiencies and technical inconsistencies that limited existing styles of "wing chun". Thus, he formulated a new system grounded in natural human biodynamics that strengthens your body and mind to better avoid or quickly resolve violent encounters. Dai Sifu Klaus Brand is not only the Director and Chief Instructor of the IAW but as also head instructor of our Great British Academies. Find out more about WingChun

WingChun Benefits

  • Increase your self-assurance in any situation
  • Feel more powerful physically and mentally
  • Upgrade your muscles, bones, tendons and ligaments
  • Optimize your posture, balance and coordination
  • Challenge your brain to make faster decisions
  • Connect with diverse students and caring instructors

WingChun Class Structure

  • Forms: Improve your alignment, balance, coordination, energy and intention in specific technical sequences.
  • Exercises: Train your mental force, focus and flow through rhythmic patterns of limb combinations.
  • Applications: Experience how your WingChun concepts and movements work for Self-Defence via dynamic partner interactions.

For any questions you may have about WingChun or to arrange a Free Trial Lesson, go to the Contact Page

Sihing Lee Wilson, WingChun Maidstone