WingChun Maidstone Instructor - Sihing Lee Wilson

I am Sihing Lee Wilson, 3rd Technician grade, the Head Instructor of WingChun Maidstone.

My martial arts journey began as a child watching Bruce Lee and Sho Kosugi Ninja movies and this inspired me to start training in Martial Arts. For a number of years I trained in Kyokushin Karate and then Tae Kwon Do. After a break from training, I found a local Wing Chun class and have remained on this path ever since.

In 2007 our organisation joined the International Academy of WingChun and I have never looked back. Under the expert teaching of Dai Sifu Klaus Brand we are taking WingChun to a different level. The clear explanations, uncompromising techniques and logical movement, really do enable you to learn to defend yourself in any situation

I always look forward to teaching my class and helping my students progress on their own WingChun journey.

Sihing Lee Wilson, Head Instructor, WingChun Maidstone